About us

Viña Hacienda Zúñiga is a family business dedicated to grape production and winemaking that was born about 20 years ago, where we were mainly grape producers in small vineyards, handcrafted with great effort and dedication, carefully taking care of each branch of the vine managing to produce fine grapes, coming from the beautiful valleys of Maule.

Today, we are located in the Melozal Valley, San Javier District, and we have various Varietal Wines and Reserves capable of delighting any palate. We continue to improve and always seek to be at the forefront to meet the needs of our customers and collaborators.

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Assume a commitment to constant improvement in the development of our products and at the same time preserve family traditions in the process, to deliver a quality wine that reaches our customers' tables with a unique flavor and suitable to accompany, celebrate and enjoy any chance.


Always seek sustainability, using modern technologies and machinery that generate the least possible impact on the environment and also contribute both locally and nationally, generating new jobs and development opportunities for our employees and the community in general.

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